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My name is Anna Dugan, also known as artist Annadidathing. I am a first generation Filipino American mural artist based in Salem, MA. I am here to help you bring vibrant life to your space with custom mural art. So nice to meet you!



I graduated with a BFA in 2013 from University of MA, Lowell. I began painting murals in 2018 and have grown a deep connection and passion for public art ever since. My work celebrates my heritage, navigates the complexities of identity as a mixed race person in the US, and creates space for vulnerable & honest discussion on the concepts of identity, growth, community, and mental health.


I dive into these complex themes through vibrant colors, patterns, storytelling, and modern folk art inspired styles. My goals are to make art more accessible, to create more Filipino representation in public art, and to use art to weave emotional bonds within diverse communities. I love creating public art for communities and painting murals for businesses that help elevate their brand and align with a modern marketing strategy.

My favorite part about this profession is the opportunity to meet people from all kinds of backgrounds. Art has the power to build strong bonds between people and communities that may otherwise not interact. I have created some of my strongest friendships through my work, which only strengthens my passion for what I do. Whether I am helping bring someone else's vision to life or painting a mural that gives my voice a place to live, I give each and every brush stroke 100% of my care, focus, and love. 



Thanks for submitting!

Have a wall that would be perfect for a mural? Have an idea or a project you want to propose? Want to just say HI? Fill out the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as I can! :)​

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